How I dealt with slumps

We often face with such times that bring us down. It could be caused by de-motivational factors like poor performance at work, failure in job-hunting, dissatisfaction about one’s appearance. Whichever contributor it’s formed of, it is hard to deal with. The longer the dark moments stay, the more you might suffer. 

But let’s put it different way. The dark might be an opportunity for you to truly discover yourself. During the dark times, you would probably feel vulnerable, miserable, isolated and can’t relate to others. This is a perfect sign that you need yourself. you need to rely on yourself cause yourself will be the best one that understands you and your dark.

  • Classical music & walk

This is still one of the hobbies that I’m fond of doing when I’m too stuffed, stressed and need a room for myself to think in a mood. Classical music without lyrics and strolling in the park or streets have always been a great help.

  • Walking up with Yoga

Because I used to suffer from a bad posture, I have invited this in my daily routines. I do stretchings from time to time throughout the day. But releasing the tension in my body muscles in the morning right after sleep with Yoga is a perfect way to start a day. Turn on some Jazz classics or sound of nature along with it, it will be even more beneficial with those positive vibes stimulated by auditory sense.

  • Tea before bed

It is medically proven that tea has benefits for people with insomnia. In my case, I feel sleepy about 30 to 60 mins after drinking tea. So definitely try this if you struggle falling into sleep (stay away from your phone before sleep. Very important!). I like drinking herbal teas such as Camomile or Lavender at night, as they are caffeine-free (it could differ by brand, check out the labels).

These are what I have grown when I was having difficult times. They seem subtle but huge in a way that I manage my mood, physical health and inner peace. The best part of these hobbies is that I get a chance for quality thoughts. As an intensive-thinker, this is crucial.

I personally believe, dark momemts come to everyone. But what matters is how you deal with them, how you spend time with yourself in those times, how you overcome and move up to the next level. 


Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok)

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest national anniversaries in Korea. Families and relatives all get together to talk about how they have been doing and to share food etc. It may be as special as Christmas in Weatern countries. 

Mothers plan ahead for ingredients to cook even before a month. Obviously, you can easily find many deals in supermarkets targeting those mothers.

Chuseok (Thanksgiving in Korean) differs every year, as it follows lunar calendar. This year’s Chosoek is 4th, Oct.

*Typical Korean meal. Rice, side dishes and soup. 

Losing Balance (short thought)

Have you had such a moment that you’ve been so satisfied with yourself being perfectly under control, but once you lose balance, it falls sharp. You might face with this surge of guilty feeling inside for the fact that you did something you did not expect yourself to do. 

Well I’ve had one recently. 

I was off smoking since about 2 years ago. A few weeks ago, I got very drunk and bought a packet of cigarretes and chain smoked (perhaps didn’t feel very good that night). Got hungry, so bought bunch of ready meals and finished them off. Well, and then fell asleep. 

Woke up in the morning with loads of hangover feelings, stomach full of that shitty food fed last night and my throat was so hurting from smoking too much. At that moment, I cried for some reason. I think I was scared believing that I lost balance that I’d kept very well in the past periods. 

So, what did I do? 

Literally stroking myself saying out to myself “It’s okay, It’s okay. You may have had hard times but you have never noticed.” And let myself cry. Minutes later, I felt good. It was not ignoring and burying the mistakes from last night, but it was rather accepting who I was and the imperfection of myself..finally was able to fully embrace myself, even those unexpected and unwanted falls.  

Looking back, it wasn’t a big deal but I don’t know what I was that afraid of. Probably, the idea that I would fall even deeper as my perfect balance was collapsed. 

Now I believe, it’s okay to be not okay, because it’s nearly impossible to be always happy. It’s more important to ask yourself, are you capable enough to pull yourself out of the dark? hope you have more generosity for ourselves in those dark moments. You might need yourself the most. Give yourself some strokes! 

Bad Posture

When my forward head posture was at the worst condition, I had several weird symptoms that I’d never had before. Such as :

  • Sweating strangely a lot more than before
  • Having difficulties in breathing
  • Neck pain and headaches (obviously)
  • Numbness in my upper arms

I’m not entirely sure whether they were all coming from my forward head posture. But I believe they have some kind of a a sense that it might have been caused by a weak blood circulation which could highly likely be impacted by postural issue.

Back then, I thought I’d just gained weight looking at my face fat, belly and bigger legs (I normally don’t get that much of fat on my belly and legs..but upper body instead). So I hated the way. It didn’t show a lot of progress even though I’d had a tight control over my eating habits (eating clean and less calories) and exercise EVERYDAY (I like going to gym). So, yes, it was VERY depressing.

It took me months to fix my posture and required a consistency in workout and positive mindset. Along with that, I used posture bands for a neck and shoulder aid, so it quite helped me reminding my body of right posture that they should stick with. I believe the most important thing in correcting posture is self-intent I believe rather than surgeries or taking physical treatments.

*Posture support bands :

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